Discovery Spaces

Early Start Discovery Space

The Early Start Discovery Space is Australia’s only ‘children’s museum’ for ages birth to 10 years, promoting learning through play and the importance of life-long learning. It is located on the campus of the University of Wollongong as part of the Early Start initiative. 

Children’s Discovery's experience of creating engaging, accessible and educational experiences for the past ten years has contributed to the development of the Discovery Space within the Early Start initiative. The Discovery Space has 14 immersive experiences, some being exhibitions Children’s Discovery has previously presented in and around Sydney and overseas including an inflatable Tummy Tour  where you learn about digestion, Shipyard where you journey with the tall ship / Antarctic explorer HMAS Discovery, Construction Site where you become brickies, tilers, roofers, plumbers and floorers to complete a house and The Dig where children unearth artefacts or ancient animals in a replica excavation site. 

The Discovery Space is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9am – 4pm. Entry costs $15 (under 12 months free) and concession $13, memberships are available.

The CDM team consults with many organisations to bring their style of joyful creative learning to communities around the world. Adam speaks at the seminar: The Co-design of Educational Spaces

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UNE Boilerhouse Discovery Space

The UNE Boilerhouse Discovery Space is being developed within the University of New England in Armadale NSW. It will be focused on play-based learning and play-based experiences that cultivate curiosity, creativity, collaboration, confidence and a can-do attitude.

A disused boiler-house (which once supplied hot water to the University) is being transformed a play-based learning centre, regional art and performance space, cafe and cultural destination. The focus is on developing curiosity, confidence, creativity and collaborative living; where science and languages are one in the same, and the physics of music fills the air; where we acknowledge that learning through self-directed play, trial, error and fun is our greatest gift of the moment; where the history of Australia’s oldest regional university is intertwined with its capacity for innovation, research and discovery.

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